Electric Pictures

Electric Pictures is a creative partnership between Paul Young and Bonnie Burgund.

Email: info[at]electric-pictures.com
Voice: 217 398-1923

Paul Young has over 20 years of graphic design experience in ad agencies, design firms, publishing and education. He believes in the collaborative process of design and educating clients about this process. Recently, Paul has been admiring the work of film title designer Kyle Cooper and the music videos by Michel Gondry. His favorite person in the world is his partner and muse, Bonnie.

Bonnie Burgund believes that small things matter and people are important. Her natural sense of design permeates everything around her. Recently, her inspirations have been the honest musings of Hillman Curtis and the work of Tibor and Maira Kalman. The movie she was most recently amused by is Adaptation. Her favorite color is orange—bright, passionate, fire-in-the-belly orange.