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Project: Opera Posters 
Client: Krannert Center for the
Performing Arts

Background: Every year, the School of Music produces three operas under the direction of Maestro Eduardo Diazmuñoz. Each season is designed to offer opera fans a variety of flavors as well as to attract potential new audiences. Since each opera production is unique, we would have to approach the problem differently for each poster. Often, we would think about each opera as if it was a movie and try to solve the problem as if it was a movie poster.

Objective: In our initial meetings, Eduardo explained that he saw opera as “love”: strong, potent and passionate. We agreed that our posters should be bold, colorful, simple and spicy. Our goal was to make opera exciting for a new audience while communicating the unique flavor of each production creatively in a graphic way.

Solution: After extensive research and conceptual explorations, multiple concepts were presented to the client for discussion. After receiving comments from the client, the selected art was revised and refined for printing. Since 2006, Electric Pictures has designed over 14 opera posters for Krannert Center. Sometimes, elements of the finished art were animated for Krannert Center's home page as well as the lobby TV monitors.