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Project: Virginia Theatre 
Client: Champaign Park District 

Background: The Virginia Theatre is a landmark theatre in downtown Champaign, Illinois. Since 1921, the 1500-seat theatre has offered everything from vaudeville to concerts to movies. Currently under renovation, the Park District plans to restore the theatre to its original art nouveau glory.

Objective: The client requested a logo that would capture the historical significance of the theatre. The logo should also represent all of the arts including dance, theater, music as well as movies. It should also be "formal with a fun flair." The logo would be reproduced most often in one or two colors.

Solution: After taking reference photographs of the architectural motifs of the theatre, we presented concepts capturing the feeling of the historical building. The simplest solution was selected and refined. The final colors chosen were metalic gold and silver. This solution projects a "classy" and elegant image that's also distinctive. We followed through with applications to business cards, letterheads, envelopes as well as applications to brochures and advertising.