Paul Young

Parkland College (Champaign IL)

Professor (Retired in 2019)

Graphic Design Program Director (2008–2019)

Associate Professor (1999–2007)





I am a graphic designer and an educator with over 40 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. My full-time teaching career began in 1999.


As a designer, I have designed everything from identity to websites and more. My professional experience has included creative positions in ad agencies, design studios, publishing firms, and in-house art departments in New York City and Milwaukee. Currently my partner Bonnie and I have a graphic design studio called Electric Pictures in Champaign, Illinois.


As an educator, I've taught graphic design at Parsons School of Design, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Eastern Illinois University, and Parkland College, where I was a tenured professor for 20 years.


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Teaching Philosophy:


Because commercial art is a creative endeavor, I like to emphasize exploration and discovery in the classroom. Since there is no single right answer for any design problem, I encourage my students to explore and propose many solutions. My role as a teacher is to guide the exploration process by providing resources and options, and then help edit the solutions. The final result should be a portfolio ssmple that is balanced between a student's personal style and what is in demand in today's marketplace.


I try to create a workshop environment in the classroom that simulates the real world as closely as possible. I encourage students to bounce ideas off each other and to observe how I work with other students. I often say to my students, "It's your job to steal as much information from me as possible."


I have an open door policy and make myself available to students regardless of when my office hours are. I encourage students to consult with me individually on anything that may be on their mind, whether it relates to class or not.




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