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Curator’s Statement

On a basic level, illustration can clarify or explain a complex idea. On a higher level, illustration can surprise, delight and bring a person to action. When commissioned by an art director or client for commercial purposes, illustration can inform, sell and communicate messages on behalf of a brand or company. The best commercial illustration does all of the above and more.

Because illustration is art and art is communication, illustration can illuminate, educate, enlighten and provoke. When used properly, illustration can express the fantastic, the impossible, the incredible and the sublime.

To be a successful illustrator in today’s commercial marketplace, an artist must show a consistent body of work in a distinctive style. The illustrators featured in this exhibition all have a recognizable personal style that has evolved over the years. Their work is clever and original, full of tasty visual treats that bridge the gap between the personal and the commercial.

As artists serving the advertising, editorial and design industries, illustrators have to think conceptually, create beautiful images that speak to a mass audience, and still satisfy their own personal vision. This requires skill, dedication and an intuitive connection with the culture we live in. Where some commercial artists have made compromises in order to achieve success, these illustrators have stayed true to their personal visions. Today, they are more successful than ever.

— Paul Young, curator


A Group Show
curated by Paul Young

Sept 28–Oct 27, 2005
Reception: Thur Sept 29
Gallery Lounge 6–8pm
Gallery Talk with Chris Sickels
and Paul Young at 7pm

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Chris Sickels