MEET THE PROS is a lecture series featuring local heroes from the Champaign-Urbana creative community

Graphic Artist

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Room C118 (see maps)
Book Signing at 1pm in the Library
Parkland College, Champaign IL

I was born and raised in Tuscola, the youngest of 5 kids in an Irish-Catholic family. Throughout school, I always had an interest in art and when I discovered comic books at about age 9 I was hooked for life. I graduated from Tuscola High School in 1978 and went to ISU where I got a bachelor's degree in art in 1982. I then moved to Oregon state but returned home to Illinois a year later, got a job in Champaign and have been here ever since. I have worked at Precision Graphics in downtown Champaign for over 25 years now, doing everything from paste-up to camera work to illustration to desktop publishing.

I first came up with the concept for Jason and the New Argonauts many years ago when I was in high school Latin class. I've always been a fan of mythology and I was intrigued by the idea of writing and illustrating a comic book about the classical Greek myths, whose characters are considered by many to be the first "super-heroes." After about 30 years of mulling it over, I finally decided to take a stab at it and see if I could actually make it happen. My initial concept was to gather a group of heroes each representing a sign of the zodiac. All the characters in my novel actually exist in the myths, but I had to do some embellishing to some of their stories in order to make them fit into my grand scheme. I enlisted the aid of long-time family friend, Tim Stiles, an experienced comic book inker, to ink my pencil sketches. The books were printed by Ka-Blam, an on-line, print-on-demand publisher that specializes in comic books.

Signed copies of Jim's new graphic novel Jason and the New Argonauts will be available at the book signing immediately following the lecture.

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